One Customer Service Portal | Principles and guidelines

Operational guidelines, applied principles

On these pages you can learn about the policies that our products are based on, principles applied during the development of our services (Web applications), the values that we cherish, our vision of the future, the privacy policy that applies to both registered and non-registered users, the conditions under which you may use our services (websites) included in the Terms of Servive as well as our plans for the future.

Our mission and commitment

A wide range of products. To provide long-term efficient operation and steady growth of our portfolio we are constantly looking for new business opportunities. We want to be present in the online market with more and more products that are fully tailored to customer needs, with outstanding quality in technical sense following current world trends and standards.

A key player and leader in targeted segments of the market. We want to be an inevitable factor in all online market segments where we are present with some of our product. We continue with the vision of the 21st century to provide customer satisfaction through innovative products and superior services. We are committed to be recognized for maintaining excellent customer relationship and inspire people to take small daily steps that will together create a better world.

Outstanding position in the areas of innovation, design and support. So we try to introduce new procedures that greatly increase the reliability of the products, speed up product adjustment to meet customer needs and effectively reduce operating costs. By using the latest programming technologies and web standards we want to increase the internet service offer with products that are attractive, intuitive and logically structured as also easy to use and technically flawless.

Our values that we cherish

Our values define us. We are committed to our business in the world of information technology to implement strict legal and ethical standards. Our products are developed and rely exclusively upon the work of our own designers and programmers and intellectual property of third parties are not used without permission.

Our values guide our actions and behavior. By continually developing our products, we strive to provide quality services. We are aware that achieving certain technical solutions needs implementation of open-mindedness for new ideas and unconventional approach. Innovative and unique solutions provide unmatched value to our customers. Cultivating creativity and searching for new challenges encourage improvement in the quality of our business model and our online services.

Our values influence our work process and the manner in which we treat our customers. The value of a product is measured not only by the sum of usefulv features, but also the ease with which it is used. It is difficult to simultaneously achieve functionality and simplicity, but minimizing the unnecessary complexity we ultimately create easily usable products. We listen (really listen) our users and customers' needs. Sometimes listening is harder than it seems, but we believe that we can learn the most from our users. We appreciate Your ideas and we are very thankful for the conversations with us.

Development and vision of the future

A synonym for modernity. Every day we work to create a better future. We believe that ideas should be modern and functional. We offer beautifully well designed functional products that make it easier and more transparent to use our services, or quickly get to the information you are looking for.

User satisfaction. We help people feel better and get a little more out of their lifes with our brands and services that are both good for them. We use a new kind of business model thus making services easier to use, with better communication and more positive impact on the environment.

Dreams drive us to a better future. We have big dreams, but we also know how to divide them into smaller achievable steps. Small achievements are often the best way to carry out something huge.